Create microservice APIs

Import OpenAPI 3.0 swagger API into API Gateway

  • Copy the swagger API file from here

  • You can optionally paste the contents of swagger file at and view it.

  • Below are the methods we are going to Implement for Serverless Application microservice.

Microserce APIs

  • In the AWS Management Console choose Services then search API Gateway.
  • Click on Import for REST API from the Choose an API type on the landing page

  • Choose Import from Swagger or Open API 3 option for Create new API
  • Paste the Swagger File Contents that you copied before.
  • Keep the option of Regional selected for Endpoint Type
  • Click Import to import all the swagger methods for the api into the API Gateway.
  • You should see below under Resources. At this point you have successfully imported the swagger api specification file into the AWS API Gateway.