Tracing and Troubleshooting


You have applied the Microservice architecture pattern. Requests often span multiple services. Each service handles a request by performing one or more operations, e.g. database queries, publishes messages, etc.

Motivation for Distributed Tracing
  • External monitoring only tells you the overall response time and number of invocations - no insight into the individual operations
  • Any solution should have minimal runtime overhead
  • If you want to troubleshoot a business or technical error, you would typical have to skim through Log entries for a request that are scattered across numerous logs and systems


  • AWS X-Ray helps developers analyze and debug production, distributed applications, such as those built using a microservices architecture
  • Amazon CloudWatch ServiceLens is a feature in Amazon Cloudwatch that enables you to visualize and analyze the health, performance, and availability of your applications in a single place

Let’s do Troubleshooting!