Launch Cloud 9 Environment

Launch Cloud9

  • Make sure the AWS region is set to us-west-2 region (US Oregon) in top right corner of your AWS Management Console
  • In the AWS Management Console choose Services then search Cloud 9.
  • Locate the pre-built Environment with the name svs220-workshop-IDE
  • Click on Open IDE
  • You will see pre-created folder named svs220 under /home/ec2-user/environment as shown below
  • This folder contains the various artifacts including Serverless Application Model (SAM) templates, Java code implementing OpenAPI 3.0 API using Jersey framework which is JAX-RS Implementation library, and the maven pom files to build the shaded jar file to be deployed on AWS Lambda.
  • Feel free to explore and understand the microservice Implementation code and other artifacts in this folder if you want to customize further.
  • Open the bash terminal window of cloud9

Install jq which is a command-line JSON processor. We will use it to parse the API responses:

sudo yum install jq
  • (Optional) Explore the repository as shown below

Cloud 9 Folder view