What are we building today?

What are we building today?

  1. A backend component using Amazon API Gateway to support 5 REST APIs
  2. API Integration with Amazon Cognito for providing authentication and authorization

What do we provide you?

  • DynamoDB Table - To store Application Objects
  • AWS Lambda Function - Jersey based JAX-RS Java8 handler implementing 5 REST APIs

Microservices Architecture

We used the Open API’s (Swagger) specification to define our APIs, and used the Swagger code-gen tool to generate server side models (for input/output), and JAX-RS annotations for the APIs listed above. A quick word about JAX-RS (and Jersey)

JAX-RS (Java API for RESTful Web Services) is a Java programming language API spec that provides support in creating web services according to the Representational State Transfer architectural pattern. Jersey, the reference implementation of JAX-RS, implements support for the annotations defined in JSR 311, making it easy for developers to build RESTful web services by using the Java programming language.